Today is the first day I felt like bird site here on Mastodon. I understand it is the Indian men and not the website at fault. But gender issues is important to me. I hate men who try to mansplain to me about women issues. I felt really happy reading the rules of Mastodon which said sexism & advocacy of sexism is not allowed. I am largely peaceful in debates unless provoked, today was just a bad day with bad men around I guess, why didn’t we leave this men in bird app? *sighs*

@Deepsealioness I would like to offer apologies on behalf of them 🙏

@ninad not your fault at all. I am just hormonal today so I get affected

@Deepsealioness So what if not my fault. I should do it just to make you feel better.
As I have said earlier, a social media which doesn't take a toll on mental health especially for politically aware and active people can only be realized if we heal for every wound by either apologizing or through praise/appreciation posts.

@Deepsealioness hehe. Thanks.
BirdSite handle I deleted it long time ago actually. Was fed up. Got into argument with few folks on national security and since I used to engage in mostly politics, economy and geopolitics it was difficult to stay there among constant arguing and trolling. Also it was consuming too much of my time while offering little in productivity/new learning. So thought it's better to focus on books & research papers than social media...1/2

@Deepsealioness ...but now I am here on another social media. :angery:

Even if I were active, you wouldn't have liked my profile as I followed many RW & centrist voices apart from usual LW voices. Also you wouldn't have liked my views on geopolitics. I am a realist. 🙈

@Deepsealioness oh I meant argued here not on BirdSite.
Don't remember exactly but it was something about sanghis. You labeled all of them as something and I argued that not all of them are such and BJP voter-base is a complex set of people. We just can't label all of them as blood thirsty people. They have a variety of reasons to vote the way they do.

@ninad @Deepsealioness
U said these same reasons to me.
Can't label them as one.
Variety of reasons etc.

Dunno, why this didn't occur to me when I replied to u.
But, whatever reasons they have, they vote for BJP, they are responsible for things going wrong today.
No reason can justify voting for them.
I have fought with NRIs giving What'sapp forward info to show their support.


@KnottedBow @ninad @Deepsealioness
Pardon me for butting in here.

The reason why BJP is winning with votes of the majority Hindu community alone does not have many reasons. It has just one single reason. And that has to do with the reptilian brain that sits behind the cortex.
Without delving into evolution this part of the brain is activated first on any stimulus is highly suceptible to fear and capable of generating hatred to recognize repeated occurrences of the stimulus causing the fear.

@KnottedBow @ninad @Deepsealioness
The BJP / Hindutva faction has managed to hack the fear circuit of the reptilian brain of the majority Hindu community to generate fear and subsequent hatred of other communities (primarily Muslims). This was a century old project for them which was running on the back of Varnashrama as a hierarchical indoctrination program until 2000s. After 2010 it got a shot in the arm via huge captive audience through smartphones and social media.

@KnottedBow @ninad @Deepsealioness
In the short term this will continue as long as the fear-hatred hack continues to work. Even with reptilian brain novelty is an aspect that fades unless new elements of fear is added. In the long term as more and people manage to see through the hack (we still have PFC) this effect will wither away.

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