We just had our first baby, and he's adorable, and everyone wants to see pictures!

I'm trying to figure out a good, FLOSS option for it. My nextcloudpi instance doesn't seem up to the task in terms of photo sharing; it's good that other people can upload, but it's really slow at showing the previews online.

Basically, I'd like the functionality of a Google photos album, but not Google. I could try to set up a better nextcloud, but any other thoughts?



What features do you need apart from the ability to display photos? (I'm not familiar with Google photos)

@chaosmonk important features are: ease of viewing (and good responsiveness) through web browser for friends and family, ease of upload from phones and camera, ability for family to upload fairly easily from their phones as well. There may be other features that are important that I don't realize though.

Looking into it, I'm wondering about self-hosting piwigo. It looks pretty good and has integration with shotwell

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