UK pol - please respond to a consultation 

@celesteh done. I guess they never ask if you're British? I mean, I actually have dual citizenship so I could have said yes, but can literally anyone respond to this?

@alsutton Is there a simple way of trying this out on a phone running lineage os? Or is or still in the early stages?

@celesteh oh man that was great. I'd heard of this piece, but I don't think I'd every listened from beginning to end.

This is one of the works where she was using a lot of combination tones, right?

@clacke @mdhughes @calcifer ah, and then octothorpetag appears behind you with an otter, I suppose. If you truly believe and wish with all your heart, that is

@mdhughes @calcifer I pronounced that "hashtag octothorpetag" in my head. I'm so sorry.

@celesteh or even better, make it do it 10% of the time so they question their sanity

This is the single greatest obituary I have ever read 

@cypnk wow, it's worth reading the whole thing!

Food that looks like violence 

Spilled enchilada sauce on my kids' giraffe. It looks... graphic

Martin Luther King, Jr 

@robertwgehl definitely, but wouldn't he be 92?

Has anyone found a good solution for this? It mostly comes up when someone wants me to fill out a form that is essentially an image.

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Having switched from Mac to Linux a little while back, one of the few programs I am still struggling to find a substitute for is Preview, which allowed me to rearrange and annotate PDFs easily. I keep trying to find solutions: PDF mod/arranger can't annotate; LibreOffice is clunky and mangles most PDFs beyond intelligibility; and Scribus just feels really clunky and overcomplicated, enough so that I just abandoned it and opened my old mac to add a few checkmarks to a document.


@porsupah @celesteh agreed. so much of science is about being open to your preconceptions bring wrong, to evolving your understanding as new data comes in.

A true scientist reacts to the complexities of gender expression with interest, not doubling down on an obsolete model.

selfie. ec 

@WAHa_06x36 @witchfynder_finder @jk I had exactly the same reaction. And tbh, I kinda do get a wile e coyote vibe as well

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