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It's #NaNoWriMo again! Every November we open up some of our Pro features made especially for novel writing. That includes:

- A higher character limit — all posts have the Pro limit of 500,000 characters
- The Novel blog format — this puts your blog's posts in chronological order, so each one can be a chapter that'll be read in-order
- A dedicated NaNoWriMo blog — a free additional blog just for your novel this month. Let me know if you'd like one!

More here:

@matt I have a question about the app - is this meant more as a note app or strictly an anonymous publisher vs. one we are able to log in to so we can post to a blog? I hope I am not missing something incredibly obvious.

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If you would like to help fund the development of :pixelfed:, feel free to donate or become a patreon! Every dollar helps.

Applying for many jobs in a row is pretty demoralizing.

For me, because I have to type out my failure of employment history over and over and over. My kingdom for a standard form that I can import and call done.

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RT so this is clearly the coolest thing we’re all going to see this week


Is there a gdocs alternative that is trustworthy? Something that lets me write, share, and have people see/edit all in one?

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Eight months ago I left my job to work on @write_as full-time. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but it's meant that ever since, I get to wake up every day and do work that I truly love.

If you'd like to support what I'm doing, including fediverse projects like @read_as and our Writing.Exchange instance, here are a few ways you can help:




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Here we go! Are you a trans creator who could use some support and exposure, or do you know one? Add your name to for 2017, where we provide a list of trans people you can support instead of or in addition to your Black Friday spending.

If you're familiar with Github, you can add yourself and submit a PR; otherwise, email us and we'll add you ASAP!

Please boost and spread the word!


Apparently created this account a year and a half ago, and I’m bringing it back! I’m still pretty new to masto and the fediverse as a whole and I’m curious to know more. I’m from Colorado, I love reading historical fiction, rainy days, the color grey, and strawberry rhubarb pie. I also have a very dry sense of humor.

the lady next to me also humming along to "rains down in AAAAFFFFFRRRIIIIICCCAAAAAA" (who doesn't love Toto?) <3

I am thinking of taking a drive, but feel kind of guilty about it :/ what's up with that (spoiler: I do actually know what is up with that, but it is dumb and guilt ridden)

it's also kind of weird that I am not sure what to write here... when I should just be writing whatever I want to, like on twitter, right? (I feel dirty even saying that name here, eesh)


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