okay, not that I hate the Mastodon web client but uh, are there other clients clients out there?

Thank you!

@Mari_Kurisato I recommend Amarok for iOS devices, that's what I use. It's a very smooth, responsive bit of software.

@Starling @Mari_Kurisato Seconded, I've tried the others, particularly annoyed with the Japanese clients choosing not to carry CWs forward to replies—Amaroq is my main

@bob @Mari_Kurisato Indeed; I am pretty happy with Twidere for it, even though it uses Twitter-centric terminology.

@Mari_Kurisato I'm so new that I have no idea. Let me know if you find anything.

@Mari_Kurisato the 2 I’ve found work best are Amarok and Tootdon. I prefer Tootdon’s UI and ability to use custom emojis, but Amarok makes it easier to switch accounts and edit account settings

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