@Laurelai Honestly as Native, I don't want any nuclear plants on Turtle island. But whites don't listen to Natives.

And the nuke plants won't clean up the rezes they ruin. No one did for the Navajo.

@Laurelai The thing was? There was enough energy for 14,000 years prior to 1492. Now suddenly, there's not enough. :(

@Laurelai And destroying the resources of earth at an alarming rate. Resource extract of Turtle island at all is destroying the habitat. So you answer is... more resource extraction.


The answer is to decentralize the grid by building small, safe generators that can be housed anywhere. That's what my employer @LPPFusion is working on.

@Laurelai Some years ago I read a book with a title something like "renewable energy without the BS". It had some pretty detailed physics and calculations. Trouble is that the wingnuts don't do science and so don't comprehend this kind of thing.
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