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Flesh Press, Mari' latest poem is now up on Patreon for $2 patrons. Join today!

Flesh Press, This week's new poem is now up on my Patreon for $2+ patrons! Join today!

Flesh Press, This week's new poem is now up on my Patreon for $2+ patrons! Join today!

One of my favorite tweeters is on Mastodon now! You should probably follow her on both platforms 💜

Find her at: @Mari_Kurisato

okay, not that I hate the Mastodon web client but uh, are there other clients clients out there?

Thank you!

Not sure how to use this thing but hello!

Hi gang, I have no idea how this works yet, so if I do something bad please advise as you have the energy and desire to.

Thank you.

I also have diabetes.
I'm six feet two inches tall (Yes)
I'm 41 years old.

I'm also an artist, though my hands shake so much I haven't painted or drawn in... over a year?

I have a really important tweet collection you can read at

I'm also a disabled, LGBTQIPA woman, a sci-fi writer, and mom

Besides cerebral palsy and spinal stenosis I have several mental disabilities like dyscalculia, as well as having a few mental illnesses like PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, & "disorders otherwise not specified ( read I'm a Native)

Since I get the awesome chance to introduce myself, my name is not actually "Mari Kurisato," but that is the name I the internet. (for my family's safety) my websites are and

I'm a Nakawē (Saulteaux) Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) Native.

I'm from the Saganace family on the Cote First Nation reserve, and I'm makwa doodem which is a very bad way to say I'm Bear Clan. I trace my familes back to the YellowQuill Reserve via the Taysup family,


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