I may finally be breaking my twitter addiction 👍🏻 I had to replace it with something healthier like texting my friends

it makes me sad how many artists under charge for their labor.

@Marissa_Louise what sucks is those trolls will always have the time and energy to figure out how-to game the system. since they have nothing else going on apparently.

one of my friends is getting Hut real hard with harassment from you know who. and in thinking about it I realized how easy it would be for twitter to track harassment. the sticking point is maybe popularity and harassment can look the same from click side?

I'm going to hang out on masto for a while as diversity and comics goons are on my case on twitter. what's happening over here?

Here's a preview of a comic I made for the The Sun and the Wayward Wind, a comics & illustration anthology about legends and lore of North America. "Heritage" follows a young Mexican-American woman as she hikes up the mountains of Tepoztlán in search of cultural belonging.

The anthology is currently being Kickstarted, and you can find it here: kickstarter.com/projects/11245

It's got a bunch of cool artists in it and will be a fantastic book, so definitely check it out!

#mastoart #creativetoots #comics

watching Zumbos Just Desserts, most of the people are really dear, but this one bouncer dude comes off like a real sociopath. he's laughing at one of the ladies for falling short and crying.

still annoyed about that "blue doesn't occur in nature" article from a few years ago

Hi new Mastodon folks! Just as a heads up, there are privacy options available for your account! You can choose to make your account unlisted (not on public timelines) or followers only. These settings are available under "preferences" mastodon.social/media/av7hArc2

I am probably going to need a few passes to find everyone on here :p

1 Mastodon is new and the interface isn't great yet, but we all want a viable twitter alternative, so maybe it's time to put some content here. Time for my first tootstorm™

This'll be about enlivening a comic page.


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