Question, please boost: I am looking for accounts to follow which focus on African affairs from an African perspective, whether personal accounts by journalist, activists etc., or news portals, independent news outlets as well as sciency ones, political science ones, think tanks etc.

@Maristya Uh, shit, sorry, that's his old account. The recent one is @JonathanMBR


Have you tried searching for hashtags? #Africa for example seems to deliver some accounts which could be a start. Some country names I tried delivered results, too.

@FediFollows Perhaps you can help?

@frankboehmert @FediFollows I did, but then was at the same time overwhelmed and also frustrated as I couldn’t find any of those I know from the bird site

@Maristya @frankboehmert

Africa is very underrepresented here unfortunately, but there are a few accounts, for example:




...there are probably more that I have missed but these are the ones I follow.

@Maristya @FediFollows @frankboehmert @JonathanMBR @FFF @chaibizi

I also follow @barijaona from Madagascar and @Sbarry8520 from Gambia.

Would be happy to expand this list, so if anyone wants to bring an existing African community onto the fediverse (from Twitter / Facebook) I would be very happy to learn about it. Or about the possible barriers. "African" is too wide, it only makes sense under european perspective. What "African" means to you? Morocco? Egypt? Kenya? South Africa? Etiopia? Mali?

@loweel all of them, as they are drastically underreported in European/white media. What I try here is to rebuild some of the quality I had found in Twitter in getting into my timeline news and views I’d not come into contact with otherwise, kind of automatically by following and thus as a constant reminder that eurocentrism is dangerous. That said, I am mostly looking for perspectives from non-Arab countries, and am also bad at anything but English. you could have better luck using a RSS aggregator, then joining a Misskey instance, and put the widget "RSS" in your home timeline then.

@loweel might be an idea, but that is a bit much for me, I fear. And I am a lazy person when it comes to such things. Never done something like that before, but I appreciate knowing it might be a better way to solve my problem is quite easy.

You go to , which is the easiest, you login with your twitter account, and then you start adding the sources you had on twitter.

then feedly will aggregate. Is pretty eays and user-friendly.

@loweel most of the accounts I follow on the birdsite are from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa (journalists, scholars, writers, activists) or pan-African news outlets or the like


Do they know fediverse already? How about inviting them?

@tobi naja, ich habe meine Lieblingsacciunts per DM angeschrieben, aber fediverse ist da einfach noch kein Thema.

@Maristya ja, verständlich. Cool, dass du es trotzdem machst. Jede Anfrage zählt 🙂
Und ich würde übrigens gern auch mehr nicht-eurozentrische Accounts hier sehen.

Wusstest du eigentlich, dass es hier einen Dienst gibt, um twitter accounts zu folgen? Nennt sich birdsite live.

@Maristya geht allerdings nur one way und ohne Möglichkeit zu boosten.

@Maristya Not strictly Africa, but in line with your broader objectives, @restofworld

@Maristya I can recommend:

I'm from South Africa, but I don't post much of anything. Occasionally there'll be something in my #PeerTube channel:

@trebach @Maristya I am here but I rarely post about stuff like that. The only account in Africa I know of who does is @JonathanMBR , he's in Kenya :)

@jdst258 very good, thank you. Knew of them, but never browsed regularly

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