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Hey everybody, when I'm not tooting about my handsome adult son, I Stream live on Twitch where I make stuff on camera and chat with people who drop in.

Come and give me a look this afternoon! This is my only means of income since my TBI and all support, even just being there to increase my viewership, is appreciated!!

I honestly don’t know much about the history of somebody who rhymes with Bora Dee Hailey, but I do know that when someone frequently brags about how they can use their connections/community to “destroy” people it kinda comes off as narcissistic and borderline sociopathic at a minimum....

Ah, the ultimate Doomsday Weapon against all Liberal-to-Conservative sysadmins and moderators: mild criticism

Civility discourse is a social cancer.

The meme that you've "lost the argument" when you get angry is a propagandistic device for rationalizing nihilism and protecting fascism.

Hey guys I guess I'm over here for now:

Because Eugen sucks and m.s sucks and while I think this is a half measure because he still controls the project more or less, it's better than sitting around being impotently pissed off.

Just half impotently feels better.

I'm now accepting commissions! ✨ Currently only for Twitch Emotes and Sub Badges since I'm a busy child, but if you're interested you can check out my prices and info here: Here's some examples of Twitch Emotes I've done before ↓ ↓ ↓

@MatejLach Actually I just addressed blocking Nazi instances on my own timeline less than 5 minutes ago.

"Saying BOFA to someone" is worse than systematically censoring trans people and further being enabled and validated in doing that by the mods of major instances. Got it.

You can go now.

@MatejLach Show me the abuse since it's recent. Let's see it. Because I see it referenced a whole lot but I haven't seen the abuse itself. Stop copping out.

And then if you have got evidence, explain why this or that user is justification for muting an entire instance.

Otherwise, GTFOH with this tepid bullshit.

Yep. Bofa does seem to be muted/silenced/whatever on m.s

This is incredibly poor @Gargron

Kind of a major thing to do without an announcement, and frankly from what I've seen and in the absence of evidence to the contrary (present some, we'll look) seems ego-based and petulant rather than for the sake of the community.

Really looking forward to this whole thing going the way of Voat despite the fediverse's nominally superior architecture.

There's no tech solution to bad faith.

A correction: I don't seem to be blocked by Eugen, but I can't find him in the search which is what made me think that I was.

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If mods are going to make the decision for me to censor entire instances (explicitly Nazi and similar instances excepted), then what even is the point of the Federated architecture?

This myopic paternalism is why most of us left Twitter. Why would we want to use your architecture only for you to replicate that bullshit here?

I'm blocked by Eugen or I guess I'd ask him.

What a shit show.

Talking shit to/with tech recruiters about their shitty clients is my new fetish.

(yes, I know I accidentally a word :( )

Foreskin Chewbacca is a meme now.

I'm sorry. I don't make the rules.

saying anything unflattering about TERFs on Twitter is a guaranteed lock and likely suspension because they have a large, organized system of reporting and are constantly combing the TL for people to dogpile

if you only apply 'dogpile' to a lot of negative replies on the TL, again, you're re-creating Twitter's toxicity

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Why were so many people here mean to Wil? He only
*checks notes*
promotes TERF shit, defends abusers, promotes toxic culture, tried to monetize the fediverse like birdsite...

Why wasn’t everyone mean to him?

The last thing wilw did before posting his excruciatingly long self martyring farewell was shill for Michael’s.

On brand to the end. RIP in peace in peace.

:drake_dislike: making good toots

:drake_like: making bad toots

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