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Mark Warner @MarkWarner

@zacanger the tiny white font on black hurts my face.

I doubt I'm your audience, but that was my impression.

Your todo list for 2017 sounds like you lead a charmed life.

Today I've had 8 simple partial/focal/whatever seizures and counting. Good times.

@PachiAnarchy by "shitty updates" do you mean "Mass hellbanning a ton of Leftists"?

Because that's been my experience this week.

Well, I'm shadowbanned on Twitter again. I assume for being a filthy commie as usual.

So it goes.

@sterling_archer Thanks! It's slow going. I work when motivated, which is... not a lot. Sigh. :)

Is this thing on?

I'm making a mouth.

@PoojaSlays @NewEnglandite When it's petty and shallow like this anyway.

"All Leftists on Twitter are just butthurt Liberals."

No. That's bullshit.

@NewEnglandite @PoojaSlays you're following the wrong Leftists on Twitter if you feel this way.

Anyway, I'm definitely not going to put myself in the position of defending Twitter as a platform. I just spent this morning tearing it up.

There are plenty of actual Leftists on Twitter though. Division is counter-revolutionary.

@PoojaSlays I don't think you're a Liberal if you think DPRK is oppressive but still condemn imperialist pressure against it.

DPRK is hardly a communist paradise. But the US also basically created and definitely perpetuate their terrible conditions.

@danyork When capitalism ends globally, I'll believe it. Until then, not.

@youngcamarada Doesn't suck, but nobody reads blogs anymore. Almost nobody. Hard to drive traffic.

I'm shadowbanned for like the 20th time on Twitter right now. It's so lit.

So I'll talk to my like 10 followers here since Jack won't let the 930 on Twitter hear me anymore I guess.

If you put content warnings on politics I dislike you.

World's burning. Everybody can suck it up. Do something or watch it but ignoring it is cowardice.

@sonofsparda Slams? Seems like an exaggeration, buddy.

Hi Mastodon I'm pretty drunk. I feel like telling that to the federated timeline, since I've only got like 6 followers and like 2 of them are active.

Have a lovely evening.