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Mark Warner

I do not understand why Amaroq leaves the file paths in the toot as text. So obnoxious.

No context shall be provided.

Does anybody even look at the local/federated timelines anymore or are we all pretty much frozen at current follower counts?

Not that I'm generating a ton of content here right now, but it's pretty much due the above.

My Twitter follows will not be coming here, so this platform is kind of a desert.

Space gun, you're my space gun...

(Raw 3D print, to be cleaned up, molded, and cast.)

I don't know why I used an apostrophe in friends. Mystery of the universe.

Hello Mastodon I still exist but I think my friend's/followers list is so stale it may be empty by now.

Don't ever speak to me or my son again.

Today I've had 8 simple partial/focal/whatever seizures and counting. Good times.

Well, I'm shadowbanned on Twitter again. I assume for being a filthy commie as usual.

So it goes.

Is this thing on?

I'm making a mouth.

I'm shadowbanned for like the 20th time on Twitter right now. It's so lit.

So I'll talk to my like 10 followers here since Jack won't let the 930 on Twitter hear me anymore I guess.

If you put content warnings on politics I dislike you.

World's burning. Everybody can suck it up. Do something or watch it but ignoring it is cowardice.

Hi Mastodon I'm pretty drunk. I feel like telling that to the federated timeline, since I've only got like 6 followers and like 2 of them are active.

Have a lovely evening.