Tested the E-bike of my wife and you start sweating at the current temperatures, but climbing the hill on the tour back is so much easier. (Kilometer 4 in the round comparison)

I really like my new water tracking widget. It reminds me to drink enough and looks nice :)

Feels a bit like mass production… whole weekend to produce jams.

Right now our summer breeze jam with raspberries, cherries and strawberries…

Hey, 👋

Ich nutze schon eine Weile @fraenk_de ... es ist sehr einfach und schnell via eSIM verfügbar. Wenn du magst, kannst du heute noch 2 GB extra bekommen und mir helfen mein iPad mit 2 GB extra zu boosten. Einfach den Code nutzen. MARG382

Die 2 GB bekommen beide dauerhaft und ab morgen bekommt man dann einen GB extra mit dem Code. Ihr habt das Telekom-Netz und könnt jederzeit monatlich kündigen. Kann man also nicht viel falsch machen :D


The best wife in the world fulfilled my wish and bought me a hammock. I've been saying that for years that would be cool. But have not yet had trees in the appropriate distance and size.

The kids threw out way too much seed the other day. But the result is not so bad. Perhaps some birds had still compensated for the excess.

Now also repaired an old bench. There were new legs and armrests in front, with the seat also had to change something. So she still holds a while and does not go to the trash.

Checked the route with the app and our little car can make the ride without charging and the @sitegeist office has 3 charge points nearby 🤔

So would be an option to attend the first meetup in Hamburg after 2.5 years.

Booked all train tickets for the marketing spring in Karlsruhe. Looking forward to meet all the folks from the team, and thanks to @Sebobo for the invitation 💙

Neulich war die zweite Bank am Feldweg nicht mehr zu sehen. Heute haben wir einfach die Motorsense mitgenommen und sie ein bisschen befreit. Die Kids haben gleich ein Picknick veranstaltet 😂

A symbiosis that you do not want to find in the garden. Just ordered a few ladybug larvae

Next round of jam. This time strawberry and raspberry 😁

The best is… the raspberries are nearly perfect for the first harvest 🥳

Two kilos of strawberries from today and maybe the last rhubarb stalks now become delicious jam.

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