Did not open this client for a long time. Would like to use mastodon more but seems to lack of users :(

I am so happy and thankful that I got a invitation to the as speaker. First time that I speak at a conference and not at a barcamp or Usergroup… so also first time in English 🤗

Kennt ihr dass… Ihr wollt was notieren, aber euch passt der Puls und es kommt nichts klares Zustande.

First day since getting vacation started that I find bit time to code. Merged some PRs, created one PR and file an issue ... so not that bad for the morning today

Wrote alot on twitter about the SSD odysee with my iMac. But the additional SSD looks good and everything worked well. Only hard thing was to get the SATA cable for the iMac. Because apple is not selling it and iFixIt was out of stock.

Hmm the blade SSD is way faster in reading and writing. So maybe I need to buy a better SSD at some point. For today this is enough. The next replacement will be easy … just need to replace the SSD and not dismantle the whole iMac to add a cable to the mainboard.

Heute Abend dann mal wieder n bisl Open Source Zeugs gemacht. Ist auch nen neuer Release von react-css-themr bei rum gelommen

Ok Mastodon scheint sich bei mir nicht durchzusetzen... schreib doch wieder viel mehr auf Twitter und nutze dann ab und zu die Webseite für die Statistik 🙄

Ok did not make it to continue write on Mastodon and twitter about the

To make it short. First day was awesome ;)

Good morning

Lets have an awesome conference day 🤟🎉

Today I was helping out at the

Really an awesome venue and the team is working hard to prepare everything for the conference

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After the switch of and to I spend some time to get into it. Used in the past and did not miss something while building apps.


Hmm still have to much twitter users and less Mastodon users ... so with Mastodon i don’t get the information I get on twitter ...

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RT @ncilla@twitter.com: My best friend has gone missing in Bodø, Norway. Friends, colleagues and family are very, very worried. Please share <3

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ncilla/status/1035

Bit frustrating that after the update of so many stuff only the composes css feature does not work :(

But even with importLoaders of css-loader it does not work :( github.com/neos/neos-ui/p…

Since webpack v4 the extract-text-webpack-plugin should not be used for css. Use mini-css-extract-plugininstead. … Ok then I will use this ;)

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