@IronMan2020 @lakesideliberal @1WarMachine Stacy Abrams is a rock star! She is intelligent, persistent & has a winning personality. Every time I’ve seen her speak it gives me back some of the hope I’ve lost over the past 4 years.

@Karoli Hopefully, Warren will be the VP candidate! She is the only one who came ready to work with actual proposals. The GOP have had 11 years now to write a healthcare bill they find acceptable, and they’ve not brought anything to the table other than their tax cut for the rich, and taking away civil liberties. Next they’re after our “entitlements” to pay for the tax cut. They all need to be kicked to the curb. Biden/Warren 2020!

@ProudSnowflake I’m the same!😂 New platforms take me a bit before they make sense. Great to be here!

@IronMan2020 I sincerely hope that whoever gets the nomination, they make the Vice President nominee a woman.


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