The #Pinecil RISC-V
soldering iron is now available for purchase for $24.99. With this first batch we also decided to include the break-out board free of charge.
You're welcome.

New release v2.15.2 is out with a bug fixes.

No new features.


Fixes for issue #13 (Some posts not being posted to Mastodon)

Get the new version at:

Oh and thank you @MoneroDiscussions for contacting me with this bug.

First Mobilizon updates: group registrations, Docker, new translations... and the first bug fixes!
Illus cc-by @davidrevoy

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

The EU Council is pushing for encryption backdoors to messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Signal to fight terrorism (German article):

Despite the fact that errors of investigation in Austrian authorities had made the attack possible in the first place and not a lack of digital surveillance powers. Politicians must start to understand that more surveillance will not lead to more security. That's why we fight any attempt for an encryption backdoor:

The developers of Signal are currently doing a user survey:

I told them that I really like the app but also that I would like:
a) Signal on @fdroidorg
b) a proper desktop client
c) no data stored in "secure enclaves"

Maybe you'd like to tell them, too?

Got my from @PINE64 this week. Very impressed with the hardware quality...

Which distro should I try?

To make this my daily driver I need:
- Useable version of Bitwarden
- Email with PGP support

Nice to have would be:
- Signal
- Mastodon client

PS: I am currently trying out and have gotten Wireguard working nicely.

New release v2.15.1 is out with mainly a bug fixes and a new version numbering scheme.

New features:

Changed version numbering scheme to major.minor.patch with this version now being 2.15.1


Fixes for issue #10 (Error on reddit cross post.)
Fixed an error in getting gfycat media introduced during the last refactor

Get the new version at:

Release v2.15 is out now.

Release v2.15 is mainly a bug fix release. This release includes quite a bit of refactoring.

Get this new release at:

I've just released a new version of tootbot.

Release v2.14 is mainly a bug fix release. It does include some refactoring for increased maintainability of code into future.

Get this new release at:

Microsoft will adopt Google Chrome's controversial Manifest V3 (ad-friendly tweaks) in Edge. This kind of thing is precisely why we need to have more than a single browser engine implementation, and why Firefox is more important than ever.

v2.13 is the most current version of #tootbot

Change log:
- New feature to delete previous posts to mastodon after a defined number of days
- A bit of refactoring /re-structuring

Get the new version at:

We revamped our "Replace #GitHub" section in our ReverseEagle Developers website!

We added more #git forges and organized the list to make it more user-friendly.

Enjoy our new revamped section!

#GitLab #Gitea #codeberg #gogs #pagure #OpenSource #free #FreeSW #sysadmin #community #FOSS #FreeSoftware

Enter the address of your favourite website to check which user-tracking technologies it uses and who it is sending your data to.

Cool new tool!

Netgear is locking some features of their switches unless the product is "registered"
In plain terms, they're pushing you to let them collect data on your network device. What data exactly? Well... "The information we collect varies depending on which NETGEAR product or service you use."

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