The Mastodon bridge tool has got a facelift!

You can sign in with Twitter and Mastodon to find Twitter friends in the fediverse. You can also send it to your Twitter friends, as it will show them their friends on Mastodon and point them to where they could make an account!

Hey @Mastodon I don't get it : every time i try to use bridge, even though i'm logged to my personal Twitter account it fetches people followed by my company account that i happen to manage.

I made the mistake of using bridge with that pro account the first time, last year and every time i tried, even in private browser, it keeps showing the same user (yeah just one) which i don't follow with my own account but do with the business one

Any suggestion ?

@Mastodon Doesn't seem to let me link to it with a Mastodon account that isn't on

@qwertystop @Mastodon Of course it does. I'm on and found people from and

@C1710 When I click that link, it redirects me to the one I linked.

Masto/bird bridge Show more

@Mastodon it seems like it gets stuck on pulling friend data in Mobile Firefox.

@Mastodon I can’t seem to get it to work with my @ TimeDoctor birdsite Account

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