🐘 New blog post: If you could edit tweets, or What's New In Mastodon 2.4

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@Mastodon Thank you for your hard work! What a nice pack of improvements!!

Just a question: Why is this called "Better TweetDeck" instead of TootDeck? 🤔

@moshtodon _This_ is not called Better Tweetdeck! A browser extension is called that, for the actual Tweetdeck. It came up with the function first.

@Mastodon "There are legitimate reasons why social media platforms rarely, if ever, have an editing function." Rarely? I think Twitter is one of the only sites with no edit function at all, blogging sites all have editing and old school forums, even Facebook and YouTube allow edits to comments and posts that could "reach critical mass then be edited" I'm not saying Mastodon should have an edit function but it's a flimsy argument that it's because no other sites allow editing

@wolfie @Mastodon Seconding that. Delete & redraft can be confusing for a reader, because a toot suddenly disappears. Personally, I see no reason not to have an edit function for at least a limited period of time. Say, 5 minutes or until the first interaction, whichever happens first. Having to delete a toot because of a typo or a simple grammar mistake looks and feels stupid.

@Mastodon The page reload when I change from portrait to landscape. This will close the video I am watching on full screen.

@Mastodon Loving the new changes. (I feel late to the party) And I'm starting to see why Delete & Redraft is better than editing the post directly.

I use both #HubZilla and #Mastodon . I like HubZilla for advance features.  When I want discussion or blog like conversation I use HubZilla and when just non-serious update or re-sharing  of toots, I use Mastodon.
I will like to have HubZilla being able to comment on the public post of the Mastodon channel which I don't follow. This option is good. And the option to have toot scheduling would be good, so that I can post my toot in future,like I do in HubZilla.
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