v2.4.3rc1 is out for testing:

- More granular OAuth scopes
- Text filters
- Follow recommendations API
- and various fixes

I'm *super* conflicted about upgrading to v2.4.3rc1.

On one hand, I really want the text filters. They are a big leap forward.

On the other hand, I really *don't* want the Follow Recommendations API. While I understand it can (might) help on-board new-users, it just screams silicon-valley-grossness.

@phessler Have you read the details? This is only based on users' actual interactions with accounts they don't follow yet. It's not recommending accounts out of the blue.

@raucao and I don't think it handles negative interactions as negative. I mark a lot of images as sensitive, and I bet this would recommend those accounts to me.

@phessler That's a strong bet. Why don't you review the PR, or ask someone who knows?

@phessler Apparently it's important enough for you to justify spending some 10 minutes or so looking into it.

@raucao I don't have a github account, and I don't know ruby

@phessler You don't need one, and Ruby reads pretty much like plain English. If you know a little bit of Python, you'd immediately see what's happening.

Running a software that you're utterly unable to check the source code of seems like a bad idea to begin with. You're judging purely by assumptions from release notes now.

@phessler You could also wait with updating until the anti-discovery crowd around #forktogether has their fork uploaded somewhere. This would ensure you always get a version without any follow recommendations, trending hashtags, etc.

@phessler Sorry you're bored. Was only trying to help you turn your unfounded assumptions into actionable knowledge. Enjoy your day.

@phessler I reviewed it for you, and no, marking images as sensitive would not recommend those accounts:

@phessler Can the features filters and recommendations be deployed separately? Would it be possible to hold off on the recommendations to allow for more community discussion and gain more insights?
I can totally relate to the conflict. Promoting accounts with already a lot of followers only increases the bias. Natural growth on the other hand is more sustainable, diverse and distributed among instances, I guess.

@MacLemon I don't think so? The text search feature required another service to be started, so it was easy to avoid by simply not starting that service.

Modifying the code to disable this, would trigger the modification clause of the AGPL, which I am not willing to do.

@phessler Oh well… so it boils down to licenses… Let's ask @gargron to introduce a flag to turn that feature on or off per instance? (I know, another flag to make everyone happy… Sounds sooo GNU… At least it would be an instance/admin flag only.)

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