Attention Mastodon server owners: Security patch release v2.4.4 is out. It's a quick upgrade.

If you are deploying Mastodon from the master branch, update to at least commit 802cf6a.

@Mastodon is running latest master already.

@Gargron @Mastodon The /about pages still say 2.4.3 after updating to 2.4.4. Is that normal? Is it cached and will update itself shortly?

@davewoodx @Mastodon we're on master so more like 2.5 but the version string has not been updated yet

@Gargron @Mastodon Ok thanks. I just updated to 2.4.4 and expected the version number on the bottom of to update. How can we verify an instance has been correctly upgraded? (right rake commands executed etc)

@davewoodx @Mastodon wait, you were talking about your own server? The page should say 2.4.4. Have you restarted mastodon?

@Granddad will give this a try tonight. thx for the heads-up my co-admin 🙏

@Mastodon @Gargron can you clarify what instances running 2.4.3 should upgrade to? 2.4.4 right away?

@ashfurrow @Mastodon 2.4.3 is not an earlier version, it's literally the one right before!

@Gargron @Mastodon aahhhhhhh, okay thanks. I misunderstood the release notes. Thank you for clarifying!

@Mastodon This is somewhat scary.

Mistakes happen and it is good that they are transparent about it, good first impressions so far.

@Mastodon FWIW I successfully upgraded 3 instances from 2.3.3 to 2.4.3 by cherry-picking these commits onto 2.4.3: No need to migrate to 2.4.1 first (although perhaps that is safer).

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