Mastodon v2.5.0rc1 (release candidate) is out for those who want to test it:

Improvements include:

- New profiles
- MySpace Top 8 (not really)
- Remote interactions for toots
- Federation relays
- Admin dashboard
- tootctl command-line interface
- and more! :toot:

@Mastodon Speaking of MySpace features, this is the one that finally lets me pick a song to autoplay when someone clicks on my profile right?

@Mastodon please add some feature to hide the left menu thing

@Mastodon ooh, I'm definitely going go try and run this now. Definitely running into the problem of finding content. The remote favouriting is also nice!

@Mastodon the install went well, federation servers won't switch from disabled to enabled though.

@Mastodon For real tho, what's the deal with the void space in the area under the pic? Makes it so you have to go to the three dots to expand a toot if it's a pic with no text

@Mastodon Probably better explained as a blogroll than a top 8

@matilde Yeah but I was referencing what everyone was comparing it to.

@gargron I really didn't like it until I realised it was a blogroll lol

@Mastodon didn't see a big release coming so soon. Congratulations on your amazing work!

@Mastodon The public profile endorsements is a nice idea

Wow! Awesome work everyone! Will it be possible to whitelist instances either on the relays themselves or on your instance?

@Mastodon Very excited about the new features! 😁 Thank you for working on these!

@Mastodon Done. is now running 2.5.0rc1.

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