⚠️ Mastodon 2.5.2 ⚠️

Security backport release. Please update as soon as possible.

@Mastodon wait but, I'm confused. What does "backport" mean? If I'm still on 2.5.0, do I need to upgrade to 2.5.2? I had these questions last backport but I can't remember, could we clarify in the release notes?

@ashfurrow @Mastodon Backport means it doesn't include everything that's been done towards 2.6.0, instead it only includes specific patches with minimal changes from the previous numbered version.

@Gargron @Mastodon Ah, that makes sense now (that's why `git pull` would not work). Okay, thank you.

@ashfurrow @Mastodon It also means the patches are not on the master branch, therefore you need to specifically git fetch --tags and git checkout the right tag (this is in the instructions).

Yes, you need to update. The only case when you wouldn't need to update is if you were closely following the master branch (unstable).

@ashfurrow @Mastodon Mastodon has a weird definition of "backport", it just means a minor release (on top of the latest release) that cherry-picked a commit from git master

@ashfurrow @Mastodon (ie. that's not a patch from a recent release that is applied to an older major release, which is what you probably expect a backport to be)

@Mastodon how do I get the version number on /about to update? I did ‘git fetch && git checkout v2.5.2’ and ‘bundle install’ from previous back port. Am I missing something?

@Mastodon seems like all the services didn't restart - I did that and it is updated now. 😀

@dick_turpin @Mastodon awh! I forgot about the 2.5 release, Will be somewhere next week


@Mastodon is this just an announcement or do I have to update something on my PC?

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