🎉 2.6.0 is out! 🎉

- Link ownership verification
- Redesigned forms
- Revamped DMs column
- In-stream link previews
- More tootctl utilities for admins
- Improved admin UIs

And a load of bug fixes! 🐘

@Mastodon @Gargron thank you so much for the "Read more" link, and the in-stream link previews. Wonderful upgrade! :ponehearteyes:

@Mastodon now if only I had the slightest clue what to do with it! I tried the App Store (don’t judge me!) but drew a blank. I mostly access from iPad browser and sometimes Tootdon. I’m clearly missing something. I like new things!

@MsPraxis @Mastodon check out Mast in the App Store - by @JPEG - it’s *really* good.

@Mastodon good update on the Reports grouping and blocking. That was needed to better handle situations like the Wil Wheaton drama.

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