v2.7.2 is out 🎉

It is a backport release, which means if you are running from the master branch, it's not for you.

Highlights from v2.7.2:

The error page elephant animation is now hover-to-play

The conversations column now always displays the list of other participants in the conversation, instead of the most recent one

Unicode in URLs and quotations around them get turned into links the expected way now

New checks guard the ActivityPub inbox against storing deliveries that nobody asked for

And many other fixes

@Mastodon wew kinda scary upgrade because i was a tad behind, but we good now! thanks for the hard work!~

@Mastodon hey @Gargron what are actually those deliveries Noone asked for? How do they come about?

@arjenpdevries It could be malicious actors seeking to deliberately fill up your database, very chatty fediverse software, servers that for some reason assume they still have followers on your server, relays that for some reason assume you are still subscribed to them, etc.

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