The madlad @Gargron has done it again! After I just installed 2.7.4 on the Raspbery Pi, too... (it's okay, maybe pre-compile will work this time) 😂

@Mastodon Is there an ETA on a new Docker build for 2.8.0?


if Mastodon 2.8 is so great where's Mastodon 2.9, huh

@alis does this mean we get polls??

[-----25%-----] yes
[----20%----] definitely
[--10%--] that's not how mastodon works, dummy
[---------45%---------] who needs polls when you have ASCII

thanks alot. Also thanks alot to all its contributers.
It looks great.
And while being add it:
testing the poll feature.

@Mastodon allowing instances to be "apply for invite, let the admin approve" signup: this is something many have had to do in their own unofficial way. Nice that's it's finally streamlined :mastodon: 👏 👏

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