Improving support for adult content on Mastodon: Introducing Blurhash in Mastodon 2.8.1

@Mastodon wish I could also apply this to everyone with an anime for an avatar tbh

@Mastodon incredible foresight and smart feature development. Once again proving innovation comes from users needs.

The idea and implementation of this simple blur is fantastic!


@Mastodon I keep seeing fully clothed selfies turn into a mostly skin-colored blob with a red dot and it's confusing me

@ben @Mastodon pretty sure this is analogous to something in guild war the second

@anna @Mastodon hmm...

:gw2: on a skin colored background...

but the logo doesn't have skin...

@ben @Mastodon hmm ill add that emoji to witches but only if @sophia or i can come up with an operating system logo/mascot it kind of looks like

@anna @Mastodon @sophia you might have better luck finding one that looks like the Heart of Thorns logo

@sophia @anna @Mastodon there's also the path of fire logo if you have anything vaguely triangular and purple

@sophia @ben @Mastodon trolling welsh people on the fedi for no other reason than to use the guild wars 2 logo as their flag

@anna @ben @Mastodon alternatively you could stretch it farther than I have so far and call it the kde mascot. That's meant to be a dragon

@Mastodon Thank you for including the option to disable it, and thank you for blurring it much more than facebook does. Whether or not I want to see a thing, I definitely don't want to see that thing but slightly blurry.

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