@Gargron I sent one for tinyfed.com - any way to know if the application is successful etc? Haven't heard back but it looks like the new server picker is live

@Mastodon Fingers crossed tinyfed.com's submission goes through 🤞

But I'm worried about lack of recourse in the case it doesn't. This is an awful lot of centralized power for the approvers to have

Culture war 

@kevinflo Yeah, the No Nazis requirement means Mastodon e.V. is no longer a neutral party. Granted, given the nature of PRs to the Mastodon repo, it isn't a huge surprise Gargron has a vision of what Mastodon has to be.

It would be less aggravating if instances.social is still linked to though.

Culture war 


"Can someone think of the poor Nazis??"

@Mastodon a fantastic plan, and i’m really glad to see it. this was a necessity at some point.


Are there any thoughts on making moderator quality/skill/availabilty transparant as well?

@Mastodon Total PR disaster on Twitter folks, I think a lot of damage has been done when Mastodon was looking to really grow - shame.

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