@Gargron I sent one for tinyfed.com - any way to know if the application is successful etc? Haven't heard back but it looks like the new server picker is live

@Mastodon Fingers crossed tinyfed.com's submission goes through 🤞

But I'm worried about lack of recourse in the case it doesn't. This is an awful lot of centralized power for the approvers to have

Culture war 

Culture war 

@Mastodon a fantastic plan, and i’m really glad to see it. this was a necessity at some point.

@Mastodon @Gargron according to the link, servers must commit to "actively moderating against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia." Does that include sexism against men?

As an example, let's say that there are two accounts in an instance.

The first one regularly says that all blacks are potential rapists, and the other regularly says that all MEN are potential rapists.

Should the instance ban both accounts? Just one of them? Or neither?

Quizá deberías saber que este caballero tiene un sentido del humor nulo, Bou, no le provoques con preguntas "peligrosas" que se pone mu raro :blobpats:

@Shaim82 aun así me sigue interesando saber la respuesta.

@KatSuricata that's precisely my point. Does @Gargron think that sexism against men isn't sexism and, therefore, that instances can allow it?

@bou @Gargron i hope they have the correct interpretation, yes. :)

@KatSuricata @Gargron it seems they do agree with your definition. I guess my days as a Mastodon user are coming to an end 🤔


Are there any thoughts on making moderator quality/skill/availabilty transparant as well?

@Mastodon Total PR disaster on Twitter folks, I think a lot of damage has been done when Mastodon was looking to really grow - shame.

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