Please, interface of many columns never disappear

Por favor que la interfaz de muchas columnas no desaparezca nunca

@juansantiago @Mastodon It won't, this is just a new feature to make things easier for newcomers

@amandag @Mastodon
When reading this phrase "it’s not going away anytime soon." in particular "soon" I thought that in the distant future it would be eliminated.

@juansantiago @Mastodon Oh, no it's a slightly misleading idiomatic expression English has :)

@amandag @Mastodon In the English Tarzan school we are not taught those subtleties 😀

@Mastodon Sounds good. The default settings should be as accesible to regular people as possible, a tool that empowers its users cannot empower anyone if htey don't know how to use it. Advanced users will find the more practical layouts themselves just fine. So long both are maintained, I have no complaints at all.

@Mastodon La interfaz multicolumna está bien, pero el nuevo diseño de una, se ve genial. 👍

Gran trabajo y buen detalle, que podamos elegir entre los dos diseños. 😀:mastodon:

@Mastodon Excelente trabajo! Esta alternativa de diseño es un oasis para algunos usuarios.

@Mastodon That picture is utterly misleading. The single column interface is still terrible. This is a standard 2560x1440 desktop, and most of the space is still unused.

@Mastodon For comparison, this is how it should look like. I'll be porting the hacks from the multi-column layout over to the single column one, but please fix that stuff.

@Mastodon So, about
.columns-area__panels__main { max-width: 900px } it should be for a 2560 wide browser window, instead of 600px, that looks reasonably ok.

@Mastodon Or let's say 1000 for a

@media (min-width: 2000px) {
.columns-area__panels__main {
max-width: 1000px;

@Mastodon Oh I think I had a realization: Twitter is fairly narrow and does not cause the same perception.

I think the key there is that twitter has the top bar which fills the screen so it does not feel like it's wasting as much.

Also, tweets are shorter, so the narrow format works for them.

I think something about 900/1000px wide variants I try still looks odd, but it's new, so gotta test more.

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