@Mastodon Не так много изменений, не такие сильные(для цифры 3), нооо... проект развивается и это прекрасно!

Pretty cool feature:
"Moving accounts

You spoke, we listened! Here is the completely revamped account migration system! Easier than ever, and with 3.0 comes the ability to bring your followers with you like magic! Point the old account to the new one, and the new one to the old one, using the new interface, and your followers will be transferred over!"
#leadersofthenuschool #trendsetter #trend #innovation

@Mastodon Congrats on the new version and thanks for all the improvements! :mastodon: 🎈

@Mastodon Gracias por vuestro gran trabajo, para que esta red social libre siga evolucionando. 😀

Que no pare el mastodonte. :mastodon: 🐘

@Mastodon The new features are really useful 👍 I'm still sad about the loss of OStatus because I still have contacts there (at least one active) but the other things are cool.I'll try to make emojo categories available in Halcyon as soon as possible.Trending hashtags are already available.

@SliverQueen let's come up with policies for some of these things. I'm gonna say yes to emoji categories, no to trending hashtags?

@DialMforMara emoji categories sound great. From my experience on Swingset, trending hashtags are off by default as long as we ignore the emails about what's trending and would we like to show them. There may also be a way to shut off those emails.

@SliverQueen @DialMforMara It didn't mention my favourite feature where it doesn't show the same toot over and over if it gets boosted a bunch in rapid succession

@Mastodon Where can I read more about the migration? Sounds like the problem is solved, why didn't we do that earlier? Does it only transfer followers if they follow from mastodon 3.0? Or if they are on the same server?

@Mastodon Until now, my main complain about fediverse is difficulty to find an interesting content and filter out the rest of junk. Let's hope that with new search and other features, content discoverability on mastodon will be a little easier.

@Mastodon @Gargron Has there been any discussion about making Mastodon a progressive web app? Could be a nice lightweight way for each server to offer their own client app if desired.

@Mastodon Joined Mastodon less than 10 hours ago and already I've become a big fan of it, recommending it to other people. Nice work in this update.

@Mastodon Wow! What a start. This is my first Toot 😆

I just came to know about Mastodon and wanted to check out.
- I love the dark theme
- Nice design & layout
- Familiar options

It is cool! I love it. 😂👍

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