3.1 is out! πŸŽ‰

Among other things, bookmarks, admin announcements with emoji reactions, improvements to mod tools and loads of other fixes!

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@Mastodon Anything important that was changed? The changelog is way too long to read it all.

@Mastodon honestly the changelog would be much more useful if you wrote it by hand, this looks all auto-generated and boring.

@felix whitelist mode is fixed, various bugs related to the account migration feature have been fixed, a bug where accepting a follow request would cause the following/followed by status to be shown incorrectly for up to 24h has been fixed, various minor bugs and security issues have been fixed, announcements and bookmarks have been added, …

@Mastodon and docker hub didn't even start building the damn docker image...

@Gargron @Mastodon I wanted to update my instance and then go to sleep.

And only 40 minutes. Docker Hub is so damn shity slow.

@Gargron @Mastodon finally on 3.1.0 and I downloaded that image at least 3 times.

@Mastodon is the minimum nodejs 10 and you can use up to 12 or is the minimum 12? I'm confused by the changelog and the upgrade notes.

> Change minimum required Node.js version to 10, and default to 12

They mean that you have to use at least 10, but can also use 12. If you use the docker container, it will use 12 by default.

@espen We got an additional bookmark function on 3.1! Unlike the favorite function, the tooter doesn't get notified about my interaction.

@hinterwaeldler Oh it's one of the new features, I forgot about that. Guess it's time to upgrade.

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