Attention sysadmins! A new release with some security fixes will drop on Thursday, prepare to upgrade -- we'll release 2.9.x, 3.0.x, and 3.1.x versions to make sure you have the easiest time upgrading for this.

@Mastodon Yet I still can't upgrade from 3.0.1 without errors.

Do you have a proper guide on how to upgrade because your current guide sucks.

@Mastodon yes it's horrible. I follow that and get nothing but 500 errors after doing it.

@matt People often miss this sentence: "The release page contains a changelog, and below it, upgrade instructions"

You need to follow the instructions on the particular release's page. Have you done that? Or have you only executed assets:precompile which is the example given below?


> People often miss

might be a documentation design bug?


@deejoe @matt No doubt. The page needs rework. This conversation might highlight all that's unclear about it.

@Mastodon @deejoe It might be nice to just include upgrade instructions on a single page so there is no confusion. just my two cents.

@matt @Mastodon

then it has every version, becomes long, and people complain about *that* or don't read it

@deejoe @Mastodon This dude has the best instructions. I am running into the same errors he is and he explains how to fix it.

Shame your documentation doesn't include that.

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