⚠️ v3.1.2 is out with an important security fix:

Likewise, v3.0.2 and v2.9.4 have been released to port this fix to older versions.

@Mastodon Is there something we need to if I access Mastodon through a browser instead of an app?

@Tenacious This message is for people who run Mastodon servers. As a user, you don't have to do anything.


@Mastodon @Tenacious
i don't run mastodon servers but i follow you to make sure my connection to the fediverse is working correctly 😄

i hope to see more posts :)

Ah au fait : est maintenant en v3.1.2..

@TheKinrar Have you seen this? (See the original post of this thread.)


@Mastodon Une nouvelle version de Mastodon est sortie avec un correctif de sécurité important. De même, les versions v3.0.2 et v2.9.4 ont été publiées pour porter ce correctif sur les anciennes versions.
#mastodon #fediverse

@Mastodon It also fixes an issue with several browsers no longer loading anywhere but /settings/profile. It is very welcome!

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