There will be a small v3.1.5 release with important security fixes soon. Please be prepared to upgrade swiftly!

v3.2.0 with cool new features will come after that!

@Mastodon Habrá una pequeña versión v3.1.5 con importantes correcciones de seguridad pronto. ¡Prepárate para actualizar rápidamente!

v3.2.0 con nuevas características interesantes vendrá después de eso!

@Mastodon "soon"? Why don’t you give a precise timetable so admins don’t get anxious about missing it?

@vigdis @Mastodon Perhaps it's not possible to do so.


@Mastodon / @Gargron If I were to dust off my "snowflake IDs for everything" patch, would that be of interest? (I've been maintaining it for my fork forever, but I'm behind by a few versions by now)

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