🎉 The first release candidate of 3.3.0 is out for testing:

Read the changelog at the link above!

🎉 The second release candidate of 3.3.0 is out for testing:

Read the changelog at the link above!

🎉 The third release candidate of 3.3.0 is out for testing:

We've optimized the speed of account deletion by a lot (which matters most not to those who delete their account but to those who don't, as it allows other functions to proceed without delay)

@mashiro 你更新了嗎?更新了告訴我,我update一下

@Mao 更新了,不过仓库是rebase的,这样更新:

git fetch
git add . & git commit -m 'drop any local change'
git checkout -b temp
git branch -D master
git checkout -b master origin/master
git pull -f origin master

@Mastodon "Return to treating all toots the same instead of trying to retrofit direct visibility into an instant messaging model"
Does this mean the Direct Messages tab is going away, with all those conversations only being in the (generally already cluttered) Home TL? Because to me, that seems like a downgrade, not an update ...

@Mastodon Could instance operators have the ability to change the word TOOT! in future updates of Masotodon, Toot is slang for fart in America, so haveing the ability to change the word to "post" or other options would be great.

@Mastodon Small changes compared to RC2, I'll wait with this one

@stux @Mastodon I understand it's just one change essentially but the speed at which statuses of a deleted account are removed has been increased from 149ms/status to 3ms/status. It is now far more practical to run any tootctl task that deletes accounts and your Sidekiq queues will have far less congestion due to account deletion workers.

#LastBoost deleting the 5 biggest accounts on my instance used to take nearly 2 hours, after those changes it doesn't take 20 minutes. That's still a lot, but I think you'll agree this is an improvement

there are still a few venues for improvement but i think we did most of what we could

and now i have a huge headache 😩

@Mastodon small and rather meh update, but still, more features dont hurt

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