One highlight from 3.3.0 is that account suspensions can now be reversed without data loss within 30 days. This makes moderation mistakes less fatal.

Another highlight is that you can now opt into being notified when somebody you follow makes a new post, so rare posters are not lost among an otherwise busy home feed.

You can now dynamically block IPs and IP ranges from the admin interface, preventing full access or merely limiting sign-ups, to help combat spam.

There are a lot of performance improvements in 3.3.0. The list of known servers and blocked domains in the admin interface now loads within a few hundred ms instead of multiple seconds. Deleting an account's data is about 100 times faster.

Some conditions that caused unnecessary work in the web interface during typing have been fixed, making it feel less laggy.

Media modals in the web interface are prettier, using the media's dominant color to tint the overlay, and displaying an action bar to interact with it.

In 3.3.0, you can finally control media playback using familiar hotkeys. Spacebar, m, f, and even frame-by-frame navigation using . and ,

@Mastodon a few other highlights:
- registration forms now have some rudimentary anti-spam measures baked in, which should get rid of most of the non-Mastodon-specific registration spam open and approval-based Mastodon instances get
- you can now select which replies to display in lists (any reply to people you follow, only to members of the list, or none)
- searching for a known private toot via URL is now much more reliable
- unread notification markers
- inconsistencies in followers between two Mastodon 3.3.0 instances get fixed automatically when processing follower-only posts


just see
Most important : You need to support / bridge all "type"

I don't know. I have invited @Gargron to the official Conf 2019 and 2020 then we talked about the law and now we have an assembly at


@sl007 i'm confused regarding the “types” you think we don't support

also, i'm sorry, but i definitely won't be available tomorrow nor the day after, at all


@Claire @Gargron

sorry for the delay.
ActivityPub at the worlds largest dev conf is very busy.
Many people ask questions on mastodon, we tell them to ask it to you. As said, it would be nice, if you could attend anything.

And AGAIN: I would like to smash Deutsche Bahn, THEY are the reason, why I missed Vienna workshop.

Last time I've sent “Article”.
Nobody at mastodon received it, they faded away.
Also I describe some problems in my Talk for AP Conf.

W3C Social CG is freaky active …

@sl007 @Gargron first, i'd appreciate if you could tone down on the passive-aggressiveness of your messages

with that out of the way, i thought it was commonly accepted that an application wouldn't have to handle the whole ActivityStreams 2.0 vocabulary. The meaning behind the various terms is often broadly-defined and does not always apply to microblogging, which Mastodon is for first and foremost

as for “Article” objects, they should display within Mastodon as the title of the article and a link to the full object. If that doesn't happen, it's not because we don't “support” Article objects but because there is another bug somewhere, either on your side on Mastodon's

@Claire @Gargron


this is NOT passive aggressive.
That was to say my friends and me are a bit disappointed that we (volunteers) try to organise about 4-5 ActivityPub events a year (Offdem FEB, Panel MAR/APR, Conf OCT and CCC DEC) since years and never anyone of mastodon appeared.
It was about to ask what we do wrong and what I can make better.

About “i thought it was commonly accepted”:
What gave you the impression if you do not speak to the other 50 software makers?

@Claire @Gargron

It was just the question, WHY nobody of you attended at least 1 of the last 40 Social CG meetings where we just want to specify the future and talk.
Next up in Social CG is

We are at rC3 still today and tomorrow and have to prepare the Spritely AMA! now,
open to anyone at 5PM
Also was in early contact with the EU Commissioners to fight for compulsory Interop but we are to weak alone.
And now the majors, that's much to handle.

@sl007 I can't talk for @Gargron but have you ever considered that attending such events incurred expenses and required significant mental bandwidth one may not be entirely comfortable with?

are you jumping at Funkwhale's throat for not supporting Articles, Questions or Events? do you think it would make sense for Funkwhale to do so?

are you trying to claim i never reached out to other implementors or listened to them?

have you re-read any of your messages in this thread before claiming “this is NOT passive aggressive”? do you think any of those messages is going to make me any more likely to want to deal with you in the future?


I do not know, our events are free for everyone, I sponsored the Vlissingen event!
You would not have had any costs but a transport + nice beach appartement or room in the watertower. We cooked together.
Offdem was sponsored by refugees who shared their room with us.
Also the 2019 and 2020 confs were free, sponsored by several.
All was full very quickly which is why I tried in advance.
About mental bandwith: yes, this is _why_ we need more shoulders. We had silent rooms. 1/2

@Claire @Gargron

about funkwhale: I do not talk about any certainty I talk _just_ about the conformance section on top the spec.

@sl007 @Gargron i don't think the spec says anything at all about you having to support every AS2 object/activity type, and that's the reproach you made when i asked how we weren't compliant

@Claire @Gargron

Well, spritely AMA! is running smoothly now, so

Yes, as a user:
Off course, I would expect from funkwhale as well that it does _not_ delete my content.
If people send me stuff, I just want to get it.

I describe the reasons and also solutions (Gestalt principles, a very small button opening a generic inbox is enough, wouldn't change the character of funkwhale) in one of my Talks for ActivityPub Conf, this one

@Claire @Gargron

but since you mentioned funkwhale:
They were always there.
And sorry but there really were no costs because we paid it. And the 2020 conf was remote, so I don't know.

@Claire @Gargron

It is about saving some friends from burnouts or overstress.

It is about visions, like generic ActivityPub servers we do together, everyone in their language.

It is about diverse clients.

It is about Interoperability and your responsibility as the leader.

@Claire thanks so much for the anti-spam functionality 💜

@Mastodon There’s also my small contribution I really like, working on Chromium (and derivatives) for Android and Windows if you ‘installed’ the PWA🙃

@Mastodon and there is a good news for those who toot in both RTL and LTR languages frequently: Mastodon now supports #bidirectional text much better.


@Mastodon any chance of the web interface remembering/not correcting camel case when using tags?

@Mastodon Successfully upgraded at, yet another mastodon server running in the far east of the globe, with much love from Japan. meow meow 🐈💕 Have a nice year end!

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