@jzzocc if anyone is interested in trying out an alternative client while waiting for this, is a client I’m working on currently on TestFlight that I’d love to hear more beta feedback about


@jzzocc happy to share any insights and techniques I had making it with the team developing the official app, a free, official app would be so great for Mastodon

@jzzocc not bad. Pretty smooth so far. I’ve been using Tootapp which I love, but I’ll give metatext a bit of a look over too.

@Mastodon as long as this doesn't discourage other apps, cool
i'll probably still use tusky

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability Do you have any plans to make sure this app is VoiceOver (screen reader) accessible?

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official this is actually a conspiracy by the mastodonts to corner the accessibility market and block any non-officialized instance, including anything running pleroma

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability Well, you could have mention that „Toot!“ already exists and does a very good job.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability This might be my subjective experience, but wouldn't an Android app be needed even more or at least the same? There seem to be more Mastodon apps for iOS than there ever were on Android and the ones that are on Android seem to lack essential features, so I pretty much had to slap together a simple web app for myself, but even that is far from what the Android users need.

@TheCanine @Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability read the blog post. Plan is to bring Android and iOS apps, but iOS is first. Maybe because it’s easier to make an iOS app, or because they got more knowledge in developing for iOS. Or it’s because most iOS apps cost money and the few free ones are not good enough.

@Lu @Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability I have looked into the companies they chose (especially Lickability) and that's where I'm coming from, this company only links to the iOS versions of apps on their website and while I was able to find these apps on Google Play, I wasn't able to find out, if they were made by the same company and if so, why were they not linked in their portfolio. I want to trust them, but I had seen too many of these companies fail on the Android end before.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability

Seriously? Why do this? Why not cooperate with existing app developers of the already 5 mastodon apps that exist for this?

The issue is just a name, that is easy to find?

I have no Idea how metadata works on the iOS store, to search for apps, but is this not something that can be solve with metadata in the existing apps?

Why start the burden of creating an app client, but just for iOS?

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability Hey, sounds fun. I'm glad that folks on board all agreed. I do find it curious that an iOS app is being developed before an Android app. The market for Android dwarfs iOS. If onboarding is really the goal it seems like you decided to work with 1 arm tied behind your back.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability I'm wondering if this is a good idea - Birdsite's slide into horror started when they brought out their own app.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability I seriously hope accessibility is a priority in the official app. We don't need another Reddit, where blind users *have* to download a third-party app just to use the service well.

#a11y #blind #accessibility

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability I only hope we don't **have to** download the app to use mastodon. Web-ui works really well so far.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability I hate to be a buzzkill... why not just make the website slim for mobile?

@Jesse946 @Mastodon @lickability it is already. But apparently people exist that go to an appstore, search for name and if no app pops up, it doesn't exist.

You can be unhappy about that, yell at those people or try to teach them, or you can write an app. Since the former is hard, rarely works and can be considered manipulative, it seems that Mastodon choose to do the latter.

Let's see where it leads.

@Jesse946 @Mastodon @lickability huh? "Let's" as in "Let us" seems to be used correctly there. But if you have some source that suggests something different I would love to read that.


@sheogorath @Mastodon @lickability No, you are right. I used it wrong.

I did not know "let's" meant "let us". I thought that "let's" and "lets" were derivatives of each other for like "okay" or some sort of affirmation.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official The name @lickability reminds me of that OS X keynote Jobs gave, where he said "you'll want to lick them" about the buttons. I like UIs that have a high lickability.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability
Yeah iOS... the non-open operating system by a company that doesn't even care about their customers or repairability should be the first one to receive an official app, that makes perfect sense.

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability @dansup why don't you start with Mast 2 open source code from @JPEG? Nvm it's sold. But I do like the Mast 2 design!

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability nice Japan is ❤️ glad it's not China. My country India is blocking all Chinese made apps. Tiktok, camscanner, pubg all Chinese apps banned

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