@Mastodon wow that doesn't work with Firefox reading mode at all (I can't read dark theme so nevermind I guess)

@wolfie Reader mode works for other blog posts, no idea why it completely messes up this one.

@Gargron @wolfie I've been wondering what the magic is that makes Reader mode work... I bet you can hint it with some kind of id tag or label

@Mastodon great moments! Of course, Trump stealing mastodon's code will be remembered as the craziest thing that happened to the community in 2021.

@Mastodon I am really proud that the most-shared post is from our instance, and promotes image captions. Quite a neat accessibility win! :eyeless_smile:


– Can someone help me. My Audio links from (Bandcamp) for days now I get this crap. it was not like that before

– Alguien puede ayudarme. Mis audios desde (Bandcamp) desde hace días me sale es esta porquería. Antes no era así.

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