Hooray but also noooooooo I JUST got this version working

@Mastodon 🥳 cc @phocks wanna jump on a call and we can apply it this evening?

@board 毛象3.5.2版本发布了,把私信这个令人误解的名字改成仅提到的人可见了(发私信@人的话就算被提到的用户被你屏蔽了都能看见😂)

@boni 就是拉黑了那人它还能私信骚扰吗?

@youukotan 我不知道他拉黑你的情况会怎么样,你拉黑他的话他能看到……

@boni 不是 是A拉黑B,B还能发私信骚扰A吗?

@youukotan 我试了一下,可以发,但A收不到,就你发的时候不会有任何提醒告诉你对方拉黑了你,但是你发出去他那边不会有任何显示

@board 试了一下
A 屏蔽 B
A 发嘟 @B,B会收到提醒
B 发嘟 @/A,A不会收到提醒

@boni 大概就是A屏蔽了B,但B没屏蔽A ,所以B才会收到提示,如果是双向屏蔽 那谁都收不到了 这样吗?

Good for you, @Mastodon team‼️
Please, notice that "Mensaje Directo" is nos translated in the Spanish webview.
Direct Messages is read instead.


"Change trending posts to only show one post from each account"

Thank you! 🙏

@Mastodon My first Mastodon update 😍

Everything finished in 7 minutes. Good job 👍

@Mastodon Upgrade went off without a hitch. Took about 5 minutes. Cheers!

@Mastodon so, the "conversation" is going back to "direct messages" 🤔

@Mastodon wow 😳 what an awesome first update experience. Everything worked without any problem 👏

@Mastodon will we have link previews in the iOS app?

@Mastodon ahh, you need to "docker-compose down" to get the new version after changing the tags 🤦

Too bad there is no possibility to modify the number of characters via the Administrator interface (as in Pleroma) rather than going through the modification of the files at the risk of breaking the instance.

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