:sabakan: 3.5.3 has just been released with multiple security fixes, as well as a couple cool improvements!

A 3.4.8 backport is available for those who haven't made the jump to 3.5 yet.

@Mastodon Update to 3.5.3 completed here quickly and easily.

@Mastodon Is the docker build still running? v3.5.3 is not available on docker hub yet (also "latest" currently points to v3.4.8).

@Mastodon First time upgrading here and I think I messed up 😅 I got a "Compilation failed:" message without further details. If I try to recompile I get a "Everything's up-to-date. Nothing to do". Services restarted and reloaded without issues. According to the administration menu and the footer apparently I'm at 3.5.3, but I can't see the lang dropdown so I guess I'm actually in the previous version. Is there any way to force the update again? Thx!

@Mastodon Ignore it, I found it :) I guess I run out of memory. I'll create a swapfile and try again.

@noecendrier un nouveau mastodon? avons nous quelque chose à faire ou si c,est Frank qui s'en charge?

@Moukmouk Nous n'avons rien à faire, non. La mise à jour concerne les administrateurs des instances 😉

@noecendrier merci beaucoup, c'est bien ce que je pensais! Kinda funny to see that sabakan even made it to the official mastodon account :blobcat3c:

So seems like there is still some fun allowed over there.

Nice that media attachments are now included in the RSS feed. The only thing missing is RSS readers that also display them. (I have tested a few, e.g. Vivaldi, Liferea, Wordpress ...)

@lw Inoreader shows multiple media attachments correctly

@Gargron Thank you, but the criticism is more directed at the RSS-Readers. The media files are obviously integrated into the feed, but are not displayed or are completely hidden.
I had hoped to make Fediversecontent easily accessible to third parties via RSS.

@Gargron and well, a specific reader for ~€10/month won't help there, unfortunately.

@Mastodon @leuchtturm @Gargron

Feedback regarding Mtd 3.5.3 change in RSS feeds:
"Titles are now date and time of post"

Am i the only one, who think, that this change is a major step backwards? Saw the effect this morning in my RSS feed reader. A useless date (also in a weird format), telling nothing about the content of the item.

So i vote for a change back... maybe with some improvements, trying to get a title from the beginning of the content...

@nick @Mastodon @leuchtturm Which feed reader doesn’t display an excerpt from the text next to the title? In all the feed readers I’ve tested, having the title mirror the text was redundant. Also, date format weird how?

@Gargron @Mastodon @leuchtturm

Thanks for your quick reply.

Flym (Leichter und moderner Feed-Reader)

Date format looked like US style to me.

@Gargron @Mastodon @leuchtturm

Screenshots from within Flym on Android.

Looks like the date/time in the title field is in UTC?!?

@roblen @nick @Mastodon @leuchtturm Ich schau mir gerade die Demoversion von FreshRSS an. Da werden Inhalte doch gleich mit angezeigt.

@zeitverschreib @roblen @nick @Mastodon @leuchtturm Klicke auf Reading view oder Configuration -> Reading -> Show articles unfolded by default

@Gargron @nick @Mastodon @leuchtturm Ja, die werden angezeigt. Aber wenn ich mir nur die Liste aller neuen Artikel anschaue - und damit nur die Titel sehe, sehe ich halt nur das Datum. Siehe mein Screenshot. Dh. ich muss jede Nachricht anklicken, um zu sehen, was der Inhalt ist. Vorher konnte ich zumindest aus dem Beginn was erahnen. Bei besonders vielen Artikeln ist das angenehmer.

Wenn es für irgendetwas hilfreich ist, kann ich dir gerne auch einen Gastzugang zu meiner Installation geben.

@Gargron @roblen @Mastodon @leuchtturm

Ich halte es grundsätzlich für problematisch, in ein Feld etwas anderes als den definierten/spezifizierten Inhalt zu füllen. Das kann im Zweifelsfall nur zu Merkwürdigkeiten führen.

Wenn jetzt im Titel das Datum steht (wobei hier sogar noch das Thema des Formats besteht), wird das übrigens ggf. gedoppelt... 😉

@Mastodon @leuchtturm @Gargron

While talking about Mastodon server software topics, would it be okay to contact you about the "Instance Activity" figures in the near future?

I'm monitoring the figures for a while now (mostly and they look a little bit weird to me... 😉

So for my current statistics i use the "user count" instead... see for example

@Mastodon Hi, I've received update with version 1.1.1 on 05th of May on my Android phone. Unfortunately it hasn't resolved the biggest issue: the app doesn't load pictures/videos/gifs properly (doesn't load at all or load from different post) very frequently. Could you please investigate about this issue. Thanks

@Mastodon Furthermore it doesn't help if I refresh the affected post only, force stop or restart the app. I would really appreciate if you fix this bug. By the way it's too easy and frustrating to refresh a whole thread accidentally.

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