We are teaming up with the design agency @oakstudios to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!

@n8chz @lmtr0 @goat @Mastodon @oakstudios Anything with a name that is meant to be recognizable is a brand

@gargron @lmtr0 @goat @Mastodon @oakstudios Yikes it not only has a brand it has a CEO. There truly is no such thing as an alternative anything.

@Mastodon Also, I may or may not be biased because of my instance's purple theme.

@Mastodon @oakstudios Honesyly purple seems like a better theme than blue. Plus I like that shade.

You *may* enjoy this fediverse icon too, then. Its purple *and* has purpose.

Feel free to scroll thread for isolated (and other) versions

@Mastodon @oakstudios As a newly old person change ENRAGES ME!!!! Im going strait to the city council meeting with this. Your in for it now buddy!

@Mastodon didn't Discord just do this exact think like, a couple months ago?

@Slips @Mastodon That was over a year ago and they only turned the saturation up.

@Gargron @Mastodon holy shit it was that long ago? i thought it was in like, November '21 or something jfc.

@Mastodon @oakstudios okay jetzt also nicht mehr Twitter blau sondern dafür Discord lila wie originell.

@Mastodon @oakstudios Personally I would use a bit less saturation, but it's good enough for me. And purple!

@Mastodon @oakstudios Would also great btw if users could pick their own preset color for the web-ui.

@Mastodon @oakstudios the lack of contrast on top of the mastodon doesn't look great

@easrng @Mastodon @oakstudios I agree, the icon hardly visible now over that shade of gray, couldn't it be darker, at least in that case?

@alphachill @easrng @oakstudios We've just put the new logo into the old design of the blog for now. None of the redesign work is complete yet.

@Mastodon @oakstudios Goes well with my server. Purple is the new blue.

@Mastodon @oakstudios why is everything purple these days? I like the colour, but it’s so…samey. Everyone just wants to be Stripe it seems.

@Mastodon @oakstudios Why was this necessary?

Is this why so many terms that were endearing to Mastodon -- like Toot! -- are going so generic?

Y'all going for an IPO next?

@Gargron @spicytamazon @Mastodon @oakstudios Yall should be charging to read some of these "criticisms" tbh. Although I do regret "toots" being changed. its still toot on my client tho, so Im happy! Also the purple looks great So...a shitty rip-off Discord Logo. Went from ripping off one shit-tier social platform to another. I'd expect nothing less.

@Mastodon @oakstudios

Saw this over on, all the blues replaced with purples.

It is now quite hard to see whether a post is boosted on my laptop's screen.

The old blue was much easier to distinguish.

It doesn't matter what colour the logo is, but please keep the interface colours useable with better contrast.

@feditips @Mastodon @oakstudios I agree that contrast is very very important, because it heightens accessibility. Although for me it sort of works; could there be a difference between light mode and dark mode? (I use light.)

@Lucseleventje @Mastodon @oakstudios

I use dark, the background colour is too similar to the new blue/purple.

Guessing a lot depends on the monitor/laptop model too.

@egonw @Mastodon @oakstudios

There is a high contrast theme option but I'm guessing most people won't know about it?

However, just heard from @Gargron that they've fixed the contrast issue in the upcoming update 🥳

@feditips @Mastodon @oakstudios If you're talking about the web app, I fixed the contrast in the main branch, but are not updated to that version yet.


El nuevo mastodon vendrá de inflarse en la fabrica de Wllly Wonka 👏 espero que no sea la única novedad xP

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