Our website has been redesigned from the ground up--it looks nicer and explains better!

@Mastodon If feedback is welcome:

- I see your second big button says "Find a Server". However, someone just showing up at this page doesn't know what a "Server" is, and I find understanding both what a "Server" is and why it's necessary (as it isn't for other social media networks) is a barrier to new users. I would replace "Find a server" with "Sign up", "Servers" on the second page with "Join a server", and "Find out where to sign up" with maybe "Join any server, you'll see the same posts"

@Mastodon If you think this is too big a change, one smaller change I would recommend strongly-- on the "Find a Server" page it says "New here? Check out the help section below.". Check out the help section below is bolded but it is not a link. You have to scroll real, REAL far down on this page to find the help section and it's not labeled "Help Section" so it's not easy to find what you mean. An anchor link would be an easy way to remove friction here.

@mcc @Mastodon or maybe adopt a non-technical term like neighborhood or community, both of which imply a local circle as well as a greater ecosystem, pretty much matching the mastodon reality.

@cmw @Mastodon Hm, that is interesting but might confuse people more, especially since outside this introductory page the technical term is the one that is actually used...

@mcc @Mastodon yeah, I'm guessing this would entail a wider change to the mastoverse to make it consistent. Not a trivial thing

@cmw @mcc @Mastodon From third paragraph:

"Leaning a little too hard into the community and theme-focused server angle in the previous website iteration seemed to lead a lot of people into believing that Mastodon servers were insulated from each other like mere chatrooms or subreddits."

@mcc Agree on that. Plus, maybe, still a "getting started" link pointing for registration on some geographically close "general-purpose server" could be a good starting point as well. Personally, for most of my non-tech crowd, understanding why they would want to deal with what a "server" might be is one of the highest hurdles in adopting networks such as Mastodon (directly followed by figuring out which criterias to choose a "server" by").


@Mastodon Nice effort. When using Android 12's mode for elderly people the mobile version of the site looks b0rked on Firefox mobile though.

Way better ! Both in terms of UI and copywriting !

@Gargron Nice! Als zweites springt mir aber „Behalte die Kontrolle über dein Home-Feed“ ins Auge. Muss deinen heißen. Wo kann man Typos und dergleichen am besten melden?

@Mastodon Lila ist nicht gerade die Farbe, mit der Power und Frische verbunden wird

@Mastodon pretty nice, congra @Gargron and your team; happy to be a mastodon user

@Mastodon I think it needs an additional join button *at the bottom*. Maybe a "find a server" section right under "what our users are saying", as to encourage people to actually try it out after learning what it is

@Mastodon It definitely looks nicer! Congrats @Gargron as this makes it soooooo much easier to explain Mastodon! Now I can just send them a link!

The improvements are very nice. What about the official Android app though. I know it's meant to be simple, but it's lacking so many basic features. Bookmarks being one. It is also horrid at image loading. It seems to have caching issues and also wants to load HQ images instead of lower quality images for every post, every time. It makes the experience appear very slow. I checked the GitHub and don't see much activity at all lately.

I know a lot of people use a third party app. I do as well. But, the official app is the official representation of the service. As it stands, it's just not a good one.

@Mastodon The german translation of needs some love. Can we help?

Just 1 mention to "fediverse" and you have to scroll 4 times before that
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