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Mastodon @Mastodon

Today marks the first anniversary of ! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag !

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@Mastodon Today is my favourite memory of #Mastodon. Today is the day I signed up. #MastodonMemory

@fluffy Thank you. You're very kind. 🙇

@lychee You're welcome, I think a lot people on the fediverse are great !

@Nocta Thank you! Or, as they say in #Norway: "Tusen takk!"

@lychee Welcome on Mastodon Lychee ≧^◡^≦.

@Sylvhem Thank you! 🙇 Everyone has been very kind so far.

@lychee There is a lot of nice people here ^^. I hope you'll soon feel at home.

@Mastodon My favorite Mastodon memory is the announcement of ActivityPub support. Kick-Ass project giving kick-ass federation a major extra kick. Awesome.

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary !!

Happy birthday Mastodon ! (ノʘヮʘ)ノ*:・゚✧
( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

@Mastodon A year? Wow. The very first time a friend here shared hashtag, I realized that a little corner of focused writing with narrow lens (but wider arc) might emerge in this corner of this world. It has.

@dogtrax @Mastodon I remember writing the first and thinking: this could be a thing.

And you can't make a thing like this by yourself.

@katebowles @dogtrax @Mastodon

Thank you, Kate of the 3D glasses. 😉

#smallstories is a tag which has more "stick" than most for me.

@dogtrax @katebowles

When you mark a post with a star, what is your primary intent?

☐ Approval
☐ Tagging for later reflection
☐ Seeking further interaction
☐ Other


@Algot @dogtrax @katebowles @celesteh either approval or just a general acknowledgement I guess. I don't really have a clear idea of a general meaning for it.

@inmysocks @dogtrax @katebowles

@celesteh got me thinking about it. Even though it's text is "Favourite", the star seems to be less a simple "like" system in the fediverse.

@Algot @katebowles @celesteh @inmysocks First two boxes ... check ... but I don’t really know why I do it ...

@dogtrax @inmysocks @celesteh @Algot

I star things here because I'm saying "someone heard you". It's like making eye contact with strangers in public: recognising the human. I'm saying I might not approve, but I get that you care about this. I see you there.

I do it here very differently than on Twitter, where I'm mostly bookmarking.

@Algot @celesteh @inmysocks @dogtrax

I live in a small street. Many of us know each other a bit. When we drive into the street, we greet each other with a nod or a wave. When we see each other elsewhere, we nod.

I use the favourite function here as a kind of nod, a solidarity.

@Algot @dogtrax @katebowles @celesteh @inmysocks

I rarely if ever use the star icon. It's not that I don't like things, it's just that I don't like to play favourites.

@Downes @inmysocks @celesteh @dogtrax @Algot I like its economy when human bandwidth is at capacity.

@Mastodon I don't think it does

I have an email notification saying @Gargron followed me on the 23rd September last year

@nico @Mastodon But I do have to wonder how you came across the project in September? 🤔

@Gargron @Mastodon I remember you asked me "how did you get here" at the time and I'm not sure I was sure even then

I would have thought hacker news but apparently not?

@nico @Mastodon looks like a mystery for the ages

well yeah anyway this is the anniversary of going public. the first code commit was way way earlier anyway, but it's not as important

@Gargron @Mastodon well congrats matey, you've built something special here

a network people genuinely love and consider their online home

@Mastodon Umm....I think my only #mastodonmemory was discovering it via @pzmyers's blog and then signing up on

It's a lot mellower than birdsite, and fewer Nazis!

@Mastodon El primer año de existencia, siempre se recuerda de una forma especial, al igual que el primer día en que entré a esta red social, cuando me encantó su elegante diseño y buen desempeño.

Esperemos sean muchos años más, los que conmemoremos y celebremos, la evolución de esta libre plataforma social. ☺🎂🎆

@Mastodon There was the time I saw that adorable dog/cat/chinchilla/parrot/bunny/rat photo and I just grinned like a perfect fool.

Oh, wait. That's every day here. 😉