Today marks the first anniversary of ! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag !

@Mastodon My favorite Mastodon memory is the announcement of ActivityPub support. Kick-Ass project giving kick-ass federation a major extra kick. Awesome.

@Mastodon A year? Wow. The very first time a friend here shared hashtag, I realized that a little corner of focused writing with narrow lens (but wider arc) might emerge in this corner of this world. It has.

@dogtrax @Mastodon I remember writing the first and thinking: this could be a thing.

And you can't make a thing like this by yourself.

@katebowles @dogtrax @Mastodon

Thank you, Kate of the 3D glasses. 😉

#smallstories is a tag which has more "stick" than most for me.

@dogtrax @katebowles

When you mark a post with a star, what is your primary intent?

☐ Approval
☐ Tagging for later reflection
☐ Seeking further interaction
☐ Other


@Algot @dogtrax @katebowles @celesteh either approval or just a general acknowledgement I guess. I don't really have a clear idea of a general meaning for it.

@inmysocks @dogtrax @katebowles

@celesteh got me thinking about it. Even though it's text is "Favourite", the star seems to be less a simple "like" system in the fediverse.

@Algot @katebowles @celesteh @inmysocks First two boxes ... check ... but I don’t really know why I do it ...

@dogtrax @inmysocks @celesteh @Algot

I star things here because I'm saying "someone heard you". It's like making eye contact with strangers in public: recognising the human. I'm saying I might not approve, but I get that you care about this. I see you there.

I do it here very differently than on Twitter, where I'm mostly bookmarking.

@Algot @celesteh @inmysocks @dogtrax

I live in a small street. Many of us know each other a bit. When we drive into the street, we greet each other with a nod or a wave. When we see each other elsewhere, we nod.

I use the favourite function here as a kind of nod, a solidarity.

@Algot @dogtrax @katebowles @celesteh @inmysocks

I rarely if ever use the star icon. It's not that I don't like things, it's just that I don't like to play favourites.

@Mastodon Umm....I think my only #mastodonmemory was discovering it via @pzmyers's blog and then signing up on

It's a lot mellower than birdsite, and fewer Nazis!

@Mastodon El primer año de existencia, siempre se recuerda de una forma especial, al igual que el primer día en que entré a esta red social, cuando me encantó su elegante diseño y buen desempeño.

Esperemos sean muchos años más, los que conmemoremos y celebremos, la evolución de esta libre plataforma social. ☺🎂🎆

@Mastodon There was the time I saw that adorable dog/cat/chinchilla/parrot/bunny/rat photo and I just grinned like a perfect fool.

Oh, wait. That's every day here. 😉

@Mastodon Unluckily I missed when this post came up he first time even if I've been already here then but let's answer this now.
#MastodonMemory When I joined more than a year ago,it was the first time ever I used a social network and it felt great.I've never been on Twitter or Facebook and I still don't use them.I like how nice the people here are and I love the nerdy topics.Now I'm a open source developer with some Fediverse projects.Without Mastodon I would have never got into open source programming.

@Mastodon The mass migration of the Twitter Left to Mastodon this past summer, in the wake of Twitter's suppression and purge of Left users. I'd been here since April, and suddenly WHOA. Man, that did me good.

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