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They are here to enforce the Community Guidelines, which can be found here:


We trust these CMs to speak for and act in the best interest of m.s. CMs currently have full administrative powers, they will follow this protocol for moderation:

The google doc allows you to comment, in case you have feedback to help us improve these protocols, as you can see it’s only a version 0.5.


@CM_rushyo @CM_noelle @CM_chrismartin

you make me cry seeing you're using google docs. Let's stay in solidarity with those working for the commons and using/promoting their technology.
There etherpad which is at least as good as google doc. It can be used within nextcloud so the files are also well organized.
Here you could have an acess made by @mupp

Then there is also


@Mastodon @CM_chrismartin @CM_noelle @CM_rushyo

@paulfree14 I am sorry about this, and I understand the problem. However, etherpads do not provide the security settings which google docs do. Which is one of the primary reasons for why I use it. Allowing to chance and decide what kind of contributions are made helps a lot to keep things on track.
If you can show me a tool which does that as well, without me having to install it on my own server I'd be glad to try it.

@CM_rushyo @CM_noelle @CM_chrismartin

@paulfree14 personally I am a long-term friend with one of the guys who's been working on the etherpad foundation since it started working on the etherpad's continued existence after google bought it and later released the code.

@maloki thx for your respond.
What do you mean with security settings? ...I've stoped working with google docs a while ago.

" Allowing to chance and decide what kind of contributions are made helps a lot to keep things on track. "
my english skills are leaving me here. Could you refrase it, so I may can understand it. :-)

May you like to write your needs for the document editing software and I see if I find something suitable, here:

@paulfree14 It was supposed to be change instead of chance.
As in, I only want the document visible to a certain set of people.
I realize that with eitherpad you can just not share the link, but that is difficult to combine with being able to recognize the document by the url (which is preferable with etherpad).
And then it's the comfort of having a dedicated "work" folder as a Project Manager. :)

@maloki I see. check then or .
Since a some weeks nextclouds has integrated an editing tool based on libreOffice.
Also you can use pads within nextcloud, make them password protected and share them with your fellows.
Here the pad version:

here documents inside onlyoffice:

@maloki and if you're looking for someone hosting as a project.
check out: , made by @muppeth

@Mastodon Bientôt les CM sur Mastodon ce sera un vrai métier ;) Oh wait...

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