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We are Live with our first iteration of which is going to serve as the Mastodon landing page for new users.

It is still a Work In Progress, but we are now sufficiently far along to be able to share it with you.
We want to make it easier for new users to join up.

Feedback thread

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Speaking of feedback, we have set up a channel for all of it at which you are all welcome to, to join the discussion.

Step one is figuring out how we want to use it. You can start by joining the discussion here:

Any etc can be directed to this website.

Instance admins have their own discussion board, which we are hoping to expand.

Hopefully we can move away from Discord in this regard. Just drop in and leave us feedback on how you’d like to use it.


@Mastodon Don't you see that 500 characters limit in is ridiculous?!
You had to split one short announcement into three parts.

@Mastodon @AndStatus I could have announced it in one, but I chose to write more because I wanted to.

It's a micro-blog service, not a blog platform. This is the kind of case where forking is appropriate, if you want major changes you'd fork.

@maloki It's interesting that a couple of years ago we discussed a generic term for our networks (including and ), and that time I came to conclusion that "Social network" is far better term than "Microblogging". Interesting discussion:
Tip: application can store messages for years, this is why I easily found that conversation ;-)

And here is how that old discussion on term looks like now in
(I like the dark theme although light theme is a default one now...)

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Why? Because you don't need to pay in the first place, and you already find it valuable enough to still be here!

#FLOSS #PostUsePurchase

@Mastodon i dont understand why M'don is using a light on dark theme while all other big socnets use dark on light. is this to make a point or a difference?
i mean, the other big socnets have surely researched their color themes for years to gain the best user acceptance. why does M'don diverge in this aspect?
dark on light looks friendlier, more open, more understandable and even simpler for starters.
imo, light on dark is a big mistake regarding new user acceptance.

@XOR @Mastodon I find a dark theme much nicer for my eyes to deal with. Great choice by Mastodon coders team!

@XOR @Mastodon My fellow Weirders will have their own take... but as far as I am concerned, light on dark is just fine for this instance.