We are slowly but surely setting up different categories on the forum.

If you are an app developer, or have any other associated development with Mastodon and want to easily stay in touch with translators we are now offering sub-categories in the translation category:

If you are interested in helping with translations, this forum will be a good place for you!


If you are an Instance Admin we also have a category for you to connect with other Admins. This is to serve as a complement and/or replacement to the admin discord channel/matrix, as well as the mailing list.

If you want a sub-category for your server or connected servers (white-lists etc.) you can reply to this post, what have you:


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Further we are really want to hear from you, in the greater community, what you would want from this discussion forum. (on the forum, not in a reply!)

There is currently a thread up where you are welcome to engage in conversation about what categories (boards) you would like to see.


And lastly, we are going to set up a category for the greater as well, where you are all welcome to give us feedback on developments, both socially and technically. My, @maloki, hope is that this can help mend some divides in the fediverse. I will reach out personally to a whole bunch of you as soon as my thesis crunch is over (52hrs to go as of writing this)

In the meanwhile you can set up an account on discourse.joinmastodon.org if you are so inclined.

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