v1.4.2 released with many important bug fixes as well as features, such as customizing web UI columns and deleting your own account

Upgrade notes:


An important regression was unluckily reported a few hours *after* the release went out, so now we have to immediately bump it up to v1.4.3 with a hotfix. No special upgrade instructions but updating the code are necessary

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We have lots of systems to assure code quality, review changes, test releases, but sometimes errors still slip through the cracks.

@tb10 Oh, hm, despite the documentation stating otherwise, $(git tag | tail -n 1) doesn't actually give you the latest version, since it prefers the 1.4rc releases.

Anyway, we're on 1.4.3 now. I also fixed PgHero.

@nickolas360 Awesome, thanks. At some point we should set up a favicon and the page title, but we can do that another day

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