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Given that this ( is most shared instance, to preserve the ideals of decentralization we have closed sign ups in favour of spreading new users through the various alternative instances

— you get access to the same network wherever you sign up —

You can find a lot of these instances here:

And share this with your friends:

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@Mastodon Oh yeah, and if after a while your instance gets silenced/blocked, just go back to square one, boy!! Have fun.

@b_cavello They've been open for quite a while again. As we've been adjusting things, and increasing performance.

@maloki Interesting! I thought the goal was to cap off instances somewhat to increase federation, but I suppose not!

@b_cavello Not necessarily, is a good gateway, because it's the link that gets spread.
Until everything with joinmastodon is ready, at least.

@Support Hi! :) I've noticed that most of the instances that I see on have "About this instance" text written in a human language that I don't know how to read. I'm wondering if it might be possible to add support for filtering based on the language(s) that the "About this instance" text is written in?

@schala09 @Support There is a new version of instances going up tomorrow, with an instance picker, I am unsure if that version will have a language filter, but you can ask @TheKinrar about it. :)

@moonman @Mastodon I wonder how I can see this if you are blocked 🤔