The Mastodon bridge tool can be used to find Twitter friends in the Mastodon network

@Mastodon Hey! I'm noticing a small bug where some avatars are horizontally squashed on the Friends page.

@Mastodon consistently 504s for me on Friends after i connected my twitter

@Mastodon Why does the bridge need permission to change Mastodon follower settings? the oauth dialog lists a permission "follow, block, unblock and unfollow accounts"

@Mastodon Know what's going on here? Used the tool like a year ago and it worked fine, now i only get this when i try connecting to twitter.

@Mastodon Unfortunately, it still does not work to connect to twitter :( I tried it yesterday various times throughout the day and today

@sequundi @Mastodon I've received the same error myself. I was curious to see if this bridge tool would work with Pleroma.
@devurandom @Mastodon yeah, the tool no longer works because Twitter changed the API
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