v2.2.0 is out:

✅ Pretty templates for all e-mails
✅ Welcome e-mails
✅ Improved digest e-mails
✅ Fixed home timeline bugs for returning users
✅ Number of follow requests displayed in a badge
✅ And more!

@Mastodon is there a simple way to upgrade my Ubuntu instance?

@Mastodon returning user timeline fix is 👍👍👍

Anything that smooths the edges of federation weirdness is a big big win

@Mastodon Kindly excuse my newbie ignorance, but how does (or did) email work with Mastodon?

@otto9otto I believe Mastodon currently just sends digest emails and sends the necessary emails when you register on an instance. Nothing else that I'm aware of unless you count the welcome emails in v2.2.0.

@Mastodon i can't log in my account, because you never send me the link for a new password. :(

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