2.3.0 is out! 🎉

- Search your toots
- Download your archive
- Intelligent thumbnail crops
- Pinned toots
- Profile media galleries
- New landing page
- No more ugly media URLs in toots
- LDAP, CAS and SAML integrations
- and many more things!

@Mastodon when are you going to make mastodon not suck

Thanks @Mastodon especially for archive-download. Looking forward to feeling backed up.

@Mastodon what's the situation on videos here? i hope it's better than twitter tbh ☠️

@Mastodon @gargron I would call it framing (intelligent thumbnail framing) but then again people might mistake that for white borders lol

amen to no more ugly media URLs👻 #rip

@Mastodon On est parti pour une salve d'update ce week-end !

@dada @Mastodon je croyais que la règle d'or des développeurs était de jamais mettre en prod le vendredi

@Roka @Mastodon Pour le boulot, oui, mais là, c'est du plaisir !

@Mastodon wohoo!! 🎉🎉 getting better and better. No more media urls is great news!

@Mastodon has been updated and now includes full-text search.

@Mastodon please move the compose column back to the tab bar. The loss of swipability between compose/home is extremely annoying, especially on a large tablet.

@Mastodon Great features in Mastodon 2.3!
I'm personally still desperately waiting for instance migration, though...

>No more ugly media URLs in toots
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