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v2.3.2 is out!

🚨 For servers running Docker, this release contains a critical fix for a segmentation fault issue.

Other fixes included.

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@Mastodon @phessler is your instance running on alpine under docker already patched?

@gonzalo @Mastodon we've secretly replaced both docker and alpine with openbsd. let's see if anyone notices.

but more seriously, the ipv4/ipv6 fix is greatly appreciated.

@Mastodon Eugen, jetzt mach aber mal Pause! ;-) Das hier ist doch kein Sprint, das ist ein Marathon! Spar dir die Energie. :) Du haust hier Releases raus, als ob es kein morgen gaebe! :)

@Mastodon does it fix the issue with random languages being used to prompt for 2fa codes?