The first release candidate for 2.4.0 is out:

- DM column
- Better reports UI for admins
- Better privacy policy
- Bot account nameplates
- Custom emojis in profiles
- Custom profile properties

...lots of performance improvements and more!

Et dans la version 2.4 de mastodon (qui est en Release Candidata ↑) on va pouvoir repoueter nos propres pouets privés ! 🎉

(entre autres joyeusetés)

@Lapineige Ça va être cool pour les relous qui ne postent qu'en privé :p

@hinterwaeldler till 2.4 you mean? I think a few days, depending on bugs

@trwnh @charlag Yeah, the time between releases is what I was interested in. Seems to be a rather active development! 🎉

@Gargron Wow so many things tackled. congrats to all. 🍾 🎊

@Mastodon what do u think about square icons for the next update? that could be SO COOL. Pleaseeeee :amaze: :amaze: :amaze:

@Mastodon Is any chance to add the threads in the next release?

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