Disappointed Sarimala verdict.
Expected a statement empowers Gender equality and withdrawal of prevailing verdict. Also same time 5 acre land in some other jungle to make a separate ayyappa temple only for women.

@bharatvarma SC going to give judgement on Karnataka MLAs case. But what happened to Long pending 11 MLA case of Tamilnadu ?

In just two years the number of daily wage labourers committing suicide rose by 60% - they are one of the most vulnerable sections of our society & they have been neglected, attacked & mistreated by this govt.


Sanghis sanghis when
When they they discovered
Discover Adani
JNU students got land worth
Pay ₹10 pm crores in
As rent for a gujarat for 2 per
Single room sq mt

A photograph of Babri Masjid from the 1900s. 😢.

It was beautiful. Although I wasn't born during the demolishing, this is a work of art.

BJP flag to fly at half-mast in the following offices:

📌India TV
📌Sudarshan TV
📌Zee News
📌News 18
📌ABP News

In addition, 'Republic TV' and 'Times Now' have declared a 3-day mourning at their respective offices.

RIP Chanakya.

You supported to topple other and you are down and moreover, you don't have a voice.
Karma can burn your ass so don't turn back. 😂

I'm a computer programmer, community organiser and digital rights activist based in Bangalore, India.

Growing up as a lonely, bullied kid in the 90s, I found solace in books, computers, and later, the online world. In my quest to find belonging, never quite fulfilled, I've been involved with various communities over the year. A biography in toots:

Dear all, sorry for the late . I'm an academic by profession, teach, research and write. I'm a cultural hybrid in every respect- religion and ethnicity. Bengali, Malayali, Hindu, Christian. My political leanings are self-evident. Great to be here. Thanks to all who've followed me.

Hi @AdvManoj! Is @RURALINDIA also yours?

Or is that you already have fans among the fascists here?!😂

An IAS officer par excellence, TN Seshan will always be remembered for the electoral reforms he brought about in India. thenewsminute.com/article/indi

So finally BJP confirmed economy slowdown. Even they can't buy the MLA. The official MLA exchange index MLAFTY 50 crashes 512 points and closes at 1050 points. 🔥🤣

For Kashmir safety Farooq Abdulla and
had been house arrest why there is no such arrangement to keep
and poisonous Shefali Vaidya kept under control to keep India Safe

Do you love your

Let's get something clear...

The exodus from Twitter is not because of Trolls. Those were easily handled. The problem was that Twitter was being paid by the Govt to turn a blind eye to the radicalisation of the Majority community.

The exodus is not in fear but in disgust.

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